Best Home Theater Systems 2018 – Which Ones Should You Choose?

Home Theater Systems have revolutionized the way people watch their favorite programs, TV shows, movies etc. These have opened up the gates to newer and more interesting and immersive entertainment experience with clearer videos and pictures. Find out about some of the best Home Theater Systems 2018 that you can choose from for your home.

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Fluance SXHTB

It is a powerful home theater speaker package that comprises of a dedicated center channel and two bookshelf speakers. It has two 6.5-inch woofers that can generate low frequencies under 50Hz. You can add a robust subwoofer to enjoy audio of theater-quality in your home. You can easily pair the majority of entry-level AV receivers to this speaker system. It has a natural sound, is inexpensive and two floor standing speakers.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

It is ideal for rooms of smaller size. You can pair it with an entry-level audio video receiver. Its satellite speakers are compact in size and wonderful in appearance. The speaker package can be mounted easily on a bookshelf. With this package, you can get one of the most amazing subwoofers for listening to music or for watching action movies. It consists of a powerful subwoofer, a center channel and 4 compact satellite speakers. You can hear dialogues accurately with this low-cost but impactful subwoofer.

Polk Audio TL1600

It is a robust but compact sized home theater speaker package. You can get natural, clear audio with its satellite speakers. It consists of the best subwoofers and sound can be heard clearly without any distortion even at larger volumes. You can pair it well enough with entry-level receivers. The package comprises of a robust subwoofer, a center channel and 4 satellite speakers. The center speaker is accurate in performance while the subwoofer is impactful. It has a precise cabinet finish.

JBL Cinema 610

You can enjoy stellar dialogue clarity with this home theater speaker package, which is compact and consists of a 1.5-inch dome tweeter with two 3-inch midrange speakers and a dedicated center speaker. The subwoofer has just 60 W rating but its accurate, clear bass fills up an entire room.

Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V

The package comprises of a subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers that are super-compact. Its speakers produce a pleasant and full tone, although these are small statured. Its Bose audio system makes the package more impactful. You can place the compact satellite speakers on a bookshelf or on a wall.

Handheld shower head vs fixed shower head which is better?

The right type of shower head in your bathroom is up to you to decide. The one that you like the most will be the best one to have installed. Everyone has their preferences and that will be the factor that determines the type of shower head you install in your home. Many people favor the traditional type of shower head that stays in place, others prefer a handheld shower head because it is more flexible and you can direct water where you want it to go and here is information on the best shower head on the market.

Handheld shower head

If you are not familiar with hand held shower heads they are the one that is detachable. They can be placed in one spot and used like a fixed shower head with the option to detach it and use it the best way you can. Many people have found that these shower heads are easier to used when targeting a specific area of the body when showering. The fact that you can move it around makes it easy to reach those special places. It is easier for a short person to use although it might give taller people some trouble. If you are tall you won’t be able to set it in one place and use it like a fixed shower. It will not be able to shower you properly.

Fixed Shower head

Fixed shower heads are traditional showerheads. These have been in use for the shower was invented. The reason why most people chose a handheld shower head instead is that it lacks flexibility. A fix shower head can’t move or get angled to reach those hard to reach places. The people that favor fixed shower heads are those that cling to tradition. They have grown up knowing nothing but a fixed shower head and have no intention of changing the way they do things. A fixed shower head gives you the freedom to wash without one of your hands being occupied. You won’t have to switch for hand to hand to wash certain parts of your body. Most homes are designed and built with a fixed shower head installed. It is less like to find a home being built with handheld shower heads. The best shower head for your home is the one that you feel more comfortable using. If you are more the traditional person you might want to go with a fixed shower but if you are living for the here and now a handheld one is for you.

Do Cats like Music?

Do cats like music – is a question that has haunted people for long, especially cat owners. Animals show diverse response to music, while music is almost universally enjoyed among humans. However, a few scientific studies have favored the feeling of many cat owners that their pets love music. Dont forget to check out the best cat food for hairball control over at ramresearch.

The University of Lisbon Study

It has been scientifically proven that cats find the sound of classical music relaxing for their ears. A study conducted by the University of Lisbon scientists included making cats listen to music through headphones placed on their ears. They were put under anesthetic, and their pupil movements and breathing were monitored. When the cats were made to listen to the classical piece ‘Adagio for Strings’ by Samuel Barber for a focused burst of 2-minute period, they found that listening to it made a prominent difference to the animals, making them more relaxed. When scientists conducted feline tests to check the type of music preferred by cats the best, they found that ‘Adagio for Strings’ had the best effect, much better than ‘’Thunderstruck’ of AC/DC and ‘Torn’, the micro-hit of Natalie Imbruglia.

A veterinary surgeon associated with the University of Lisbon, Dr Miguel Carreira, informed the Journal of Feline Medicine that during his consultations he found most cats enjoying classical music, especially the compositions of George Handel – which made them more tolerant, confident and calm all through the entire clinical evaluation.

The Charles Snowdon-Megan Savage study

A study conducted by a University of Wisconsin-Madison psychologist, Charles Snowdon, and a SUNY-Binghamton Ph.D. student, Megan Savage, showed that cats display a positive response to music. The two went to as many as 47 homes with cats and then played music, which included 2 classical songs – two of them being developed for cats. When the two played the classical songs being developed exclusively for felines, the cats were likelier to rub against the speaker or at least move to it. Both old and young cats were found to make a positive response to the cat songs, while those in the middle-age group displayed more indifference. This study was posted earlier this year in the Applied Animal Behavior Science journal.

It could be argued that the liking for music is subjective in cats, and differs across felines. Play different types of music and check which type your cat enjoys the most. Avoid playing the music that your cat seems to hate, and play the ones that they like the most – although not too loudly.

What are some of the Best Household Appliances 2018?

Household appliances are very useful for improving lifestyle and making homes run in a smooth and efficient way. These can include small items such as electric kettles and microwave ovens as well as bigger stuffs such as dishwashers, dryers and washing machines. Such appliances can be a perfect option for any home, and can make life easier for homeowners. Find out about some of the best household appliances 2018.

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker 

It goes beyond giving you the convenience of making carbonated drinks at home. It lets you go ahead without using soda bottles and cans. It is run by a CO2 carbonator, and there is no need for any electricity or batteries. You can prepare sparkling clean water or soda in just 30 seconds. You can select from over 60 different varieties of soda mixes. It comes with an easy snap-lock feature that lets water bottles connect firmly to the appliance prior to carbonation.

Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane 2.25 Peak HP Blender 

It comes with amazing features for its price, and can rival numerous high-tech blenders in the market. It is powered by load-sensing technology, adjusting the blending speed automatically. There are no more irritating scraping and stopping. You can get preprogrammed modes for ice crush and smoothies. Blending time can be tracked more easily due to a programmable timer and LCD screen. It has a solid, weighty base that allows the blender to remain stable and strong on the counter.

Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine 

If you want to sew everything on your own without spending too much, this can be a great choice for you. You can get 100 varied stitches, whether zigzags, straight stitches, heirloom stitches or complex decorative stitches. It comprises of 7 one-step button holes and 10 metal presser feet as well. You can get an LED-illuminated sewing surface, top-loading bobbin, automatic needle threader and a programmable needle.

Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier 

If you continuously suffer from itchy and dry eyes, irritated throats and other similar health issues at home, you will need this appliance. It can eliminate over 99% of the germs, mold and bacteria from the surrounding air with its filter that wicks these harmful substances. It has a tank with 1.1 gallon capacity that is sufficient for even 500 square feet rooms. It can easily be cleaned. This evaporative humidifier model comes in attractive black and white colors.

Best Kitchen Appliances 2018 – Which Ones to Go For?

The evolution of modern day technology has led to a change in how kitchen appliances are made today. The modern kitchen appliances powered by electricity are integrated with memory chips and computer programs, although some of them are simpler in form. Find out about some of the best kitchen appliances 2018 that you can opt for.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker 

It can be used to easily make all types of bread. A gluten-free menu setting makes this breadmaker ideal for anyone who wants to eat meals without gluten. Other pre-programmed modes in the appliance include functions for jam, cake, dough, quick bread, homemade bread and whole-wheat bread. It has an LCD panel that lets users get higher control, including automatic baking time and 3 crust settings. With this breadmaker, you can get rectangular loaves that are 2-pound in size.

Breville Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ 

This is a smart and compact appliance that comes with 10 preset functions, eliminating the guesswork from cooking. It recommends the best temperature and time. Its slow cook mode keeps the appliance on for as long as 10 hours, and can cook dinner even as you are out. Use it on a convection mode, and you can get healthy meal very quickly. Its package includes an enamel broiling pan, an enamel baking pan and a nonstick pizza pan. If you want to save time in your kitchen, this can be a perfect appliance.

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker 

This waffle maker is designed in a compact way and can help you save counter space in your kitchen. You can get golden waffles each time. It has a heavy lid that prevents dripping of batter onto the counters. The cord wrap feature allows you to keep the cord neatly arranged. Its rubber feet ensure that it does not skid while being in use. There are nonstick plates and 5 varied browning settings. It is convenient in usage due to the indicator lights.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker 

It has some additional features, such as a clip-on serving spoon and thermometer probe, which cannot be found in affordable slow cookers. It can be programmed to flip after some time to a “keep warm” mode. It can be used in manual mode. You may also use it as per food temperature in order to get an accurate cooking experience.

The best bidets of 2018 and why you need one

Have you ever used a bidet before? Do you know what one is?

If you have been lucky enough to live in Asia you will know that toilets are not all equal and toilet paper is not always required. Some Asian countries like Japan or Thailand have some incredibly complicated toilets to make it more hygienic and user friendly. In fact a lot of Asians who visit the United States are shocked that we have such simple toilets here.

So what are we referring to when we talk about sophisticated toilets?

We mean bidets or the water spray that cleans the users behind without the need to clean with toilet paper. The analogy used by a lot of Asians is:

“If you have dirt on your face or hands do you use toilet paper to clean it off or do you wash it?”

Normally anyone responds with wash it, and so they proclaim that you should do the same with your backside. Therefore a bidet does just that job – cleans your behind better than any toilet paper ever could.

So what are the best bidets in 2018?

A bidet can set you back a lot if you go to the high end ones and can be cheap if you go for a basic model. However you always get what you pay for and the best bidets in 2018 are not the cheapest.

Our top 3 are listed below:

1) TOTO C100 WASHLET – which comes in around $350 and features 3 different temperatures and a powerful bidet spray for your backside.

2) PowCube Electric Bidet Round Smart Heated Toilet Seat – This one is around $300 and will not only clean your backside but will also dry it – meaning you no longer need toilet paper at all!

3) Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 – This one is under $300 and will do all the same things as the other ones mentioned with the exception of drying your backside. The warranty makes this one definitely worth it.

What did you think of our list? Have you used a bidet before? If so what would you recommend?

We took some of our list from:

What is a stud finder and what are the best ones?

Let’s look at why you need a stud finder first

If you have ever put nails in a wall at home without a stud finder you definitely know what it is like ‘hammering in the dark.’ Basically a stud is a metal frame behind a wall and is critical if you want to hammer anything to that wall. From wall board to a painting the only way to get stability is to put a nail into a stuff (not the dry wall). Without a stud finder people often tap the wall to try and guess if there is a stuff there or not although this is still hammering in the dark!

So the best stud finders will do exactly what the name suggests – find the stud so you can hammer into it. But not all stuff finders work the same way. Some work on magnetic stud detectors and/or electric stud finders and others use RFID and 3D imaging technology.

Top 3 Stud Finders of 2018

According to Ram Research they believe the best 3 stud finders include:

  1. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder – which is priced at under $10 and works on magnetic technology to find a stud.

  2. ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors – Which costs over $50 but is the latest RFID technology meaning you will never miss your stud.

  3. Zircon StudSensor e50-FFP Edge Finding Stud Finder – This is priced mid range around $20 and uses electronic technology to find your stud.

Overall these are the top 3 stud finders also by the reviews we find on Amazon. If you are working full time on walls maybe the $50 prosensor is worth the money otherwise the other 2 options are probably best for you!

List taken from: