Best Home Theater Systems 2018 – Which Ones Should You Choose?

Home Theater Systems have revolutionized the way people watch their favorite programs, TV shows, movies etc. These have opened up the gates to newer and more interesting and immersive entertainment experience with clearer videos and pictures. Find out about some of the best Home Theater Systems 2018 that you can choose from for your home.

Fluance SXHTB

It is a powerful home theater speaker package that comprises of a dedicated center channel and two bookshelf speakers. It has two 6.5-inch woofers that can generate low frequencies under 50Hz. You can add a robust subwoofer to enjoy audio of theater-quality in your home. You can easily pair the majority of entry-level AV receivers to this speaker system. It has a natural sound, is inexpensive and two floor standing speakers.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

It is ideal for rooms of smaller size. You can pair it with an entry-level audio video receiver. Its satellite speakers are compact in size and wonderful in appearance. The speaker package can be mounted easily on a bookshelf. With this package, you can get one of the most amazing subwoofers for listening to music or for watching action movies. It consists of a powerful subwoofer, a center channel and 4 compact satellite speakers. You can hear dialogues accurately with this low-cost but impactful subwoofer.

Polk Audio TL1600

It is a robust but compact sized home theater speaker package. You can get natural, clear audio with its satellite speakers. It consists of the best subwoofers and sound can be heard clearly without any distortion even at larger volumes. You can pair it well enough with entry-level receivers. The package comprises of a robust subwoofer, a center channel and 4 satellite speakers. The center speaker is accurate in performance while the subwoofer is impactful. It has a precise cabinet finish.

JBL Cinema 610

You can enjoy stellar dialogue clarity with this home theater speaker package, which is compact and consists of a 1.5-inch dome tweeter with two 3-inch midrange speakers and a dedicated center speaker. The subwoofer has just 60 W rating but its accurate, clear bass fills up an entire room.

Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V

The package comprises of a subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers that are super-compact. Its speakers produce a pleasant and full tone, although these are small statured. Its Bose audio system makes the package more impactful. You can place the compact satellite speakers on a bookshelf or on a wall.