Handheld shower head vs fixed shower head which is better?

The right type of shower head in your bathroom is up to you to decide. The one that you like the most will be the best one to have installed. Everyone has their preferences and that will be the factor that determines the type of shower head you install in your home. Many people favor the traditional type of shower head that stays in place, others prefer a handheld shower head because it is more flexible and you can direct water where you want it to go and here is information on the best shower head on the market.

Handheld shower head

If you are not familiar with hand held shower heads they are the one that is detachable. They can be placed in one spot and used like a fixed shower head with the option to detach it and use it the best way you can. Many people have found that these shower heads are easier to used when targeting a specific area of the body when showering. The fact that you can move it around makes it easy to reach those special places. It is easier for a short person to use although it might give taller people some trouble. If you are tall you won’t be able to set it in one place and use it like a fixed shower. It will not be able to shower you properly.

Fixed Shower head

Fixed shower heads are traditional showerheads. These have been in use for the shower was invented. The reason why most people chose a handheld shower head instead is that it lacks flexibility. A fix shower head can’t move or get angled to reach those hard to reach places. The people that favor fixed shower heads are those that cling to tradition. They have grown up knowing nothing but a fixed shower head and have no intention of changing the way they do things. A fixed shower head gives you the freedom to wash without one of your hands being occupied. You won’t have to switch for hand to hand to wash certain parts of your body. Most homes are designed and built with a fixed shower head installed. It is less like to find a home being built with handheld shower heads. The best shower head for your home is the one that you feel more comfortable using. If you are more the traditional person you might want to go with a fixed shower but if you are living for the here and now a handheld one is for you.