The best bidets of 2018 and why you need one

Have you ever used a bidet before? Do you know what one is?

If you have been lucky enough to live in Asia you will know that toilets are not all equal and toilet paper is not always required. Some Asian countries like Japan or Thailand have some incredibly complicated toilets to make it more hygienic and user friendly. In fact a lot of Asians who visit the United States are shocked that we have such simple toilets here.

So what are we referring to when we talk about sophisticated toilets?

We mean bidets or the water spray that cleans the users behind without the need to clean with toilet paper. The analogy used by a lot of Asians is:

“If you have dirt on your face or hands do you use toilet paper to clean it off or do you wash it?”

Normally anyone responds with wash it, and so they proclaim that you should do the same with your backside. Therefore a bidet does just that job – cleans your behind better than any toilet paper ever could.

So what are the best bidets in 2018?

A bidet can set you back a lot if you go to the high end ones and can be cheap if you go for a basic model. However you always get what you pay for and the best bidets in 2018 are not the cheapest.

Our top 3 are listed below:

1) TOTO C100 WASHLET – which comes in around $350 and features 3 different temperatures and a powerful bidet spray for your backside.

2) PowCube Electric Bidet Round Smart Heated Toilet Seat – This one is around $300 and will not only clean your backside but will also dry it – meaning you no longer need toilet paper at all!

3) Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 – This one is under $300 and will do all the same things as the other ones mentioned with the exception of drying your backside. The warranty makes this one definitely worth it.

What did you think of our list? Have you used a bidet before? If so what would you recommend?

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