What is a stud finder and what are the best ones?

Let’s look at why you need a stud finder first

If you have ever put nails in a wall at home without a stud finder you definitely know what it is like ‘hammering in the dark.’ Basically a stud is a metal frame behind a wall and is critical if you want to hammer anything to that wall. From wall board to a painting the only way to get stability is to put a nail into a stuff (not the dry wall). Without a stud finder people often tap the wall to try and guess if there is a stuff there or not although this is still hammering in the dark!

So the best stud finders will do exactly what the name suggests – find the stud so you can hammer into it. But not all stuff finders work the same way. Some work on magnetic stud detectors and/or electric stud finders and others use RFID and 3D imaging technology.

Top 3 Stud Finders of 2018

According to Ram Research they believe the best 3 stud finders include:

  1. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder – which is priced at under $10 and works on magnetic technology to find a stud.

  2. ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors – Which costs over $50 but is the latest RFID technology meaning you will never miss your stud.

  3. Zircon StudSensor e50-FFP Edge Finding Stud Finder – This is priced mid range around $20 and uses electronic technology to find your stud.

Overall these are the top 3 stud finders also by the reviews we find on Amazon. If you are working full time on walls maybe the $50 prosensor is worth the money otherwise the other 2 options are probably best for you!

List taken from: https://ramresearch.org/best-stud-finder/